Wednesday, November 26, 2014

2014 Phoenix Fearcon Interviews with The Horror Show

The Horror Show was at the 2014 Phoenix Fearcon, along with many other vendors and great people, among them were KMOD Radio, actors Markice Moore, Tiffany Shepis, Jennifer Lynn Warren, and several others.  I enjoyed talking to them and hanging out with them.  Below is an interview that The Horror Show did while at the 2014 Phoenix Fearcon. Among the interviewees were Custom Coffin Works, The Dark Goddess, and myself. Enoy! 

KWOD Radio Interview

For those of you who were busy prepping for Thanksgiving, or were busy with other things, here is the link to a radio interview I had with KWOD Radio this afternoon. KWOD Blog Talk Radio 

I met P.J. at the Phoenix Fearcon and she was gracious enough to ask me for an interview.  Thanks to her, I had my interview this afternoon.  We had a great time talking about our writing and many other things.

Make sure to check out many of their other archived shows, as well.