Saturday, October 22, 2016

"Unleash the Beast in You!"

The Hybrid has been unleashed October 4th!

Bad Elements series - Book Three

Adapting to a normal life in the immortal realm, Crystal finds her familial ties in turmoil. As Crystal’s son becomes obsessed with a string of recent deaths, his marriage to his witch wife grows weak, forcing her to turn to her sister for guidance.

Meanwhile, Crystal’s daughter, Jennifer struggles with her immortal hormonal imbalance, attracting two teenage boys, one of whom is not what he seems.

With the appearance of her ex-husband, Wayne, Crystal becomes the target of the elite immortal agency, the Underground Secret Service, its affiliates, and its primary targets, including the notorious and dangerous biker gang, The Hells Changelings—her lover’s brotherhood.

Gaining some of her memory back, she discovers secrets and uncovers the truth behind her captivity, pushing her into the primary focus of annihilation by the hunters and the hunted in this sequel to the dark and edgy novel, Bad Elements: Blood for Blood.

Friday, March 25, 2016

COMING IN 2016 - The Hybrid Unleashed

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We'll be giving away more E-Books, giveaways, etc., so stay tuned!

We're gearing up for a 2016 release of The Hybrid Unleashed! So, make sure to catch up on Crystal and her brood before The Hybrid is Unleashed!