Promo Photos

I thought I would add a few promo pictures.  There will be some interesting photos as you scroll through. And, as you do flip through the pics, please remember more will be added as they are taken - so please stay tuned. Also, just a reminder that my novel is a horror/thriller/paranormal/action story. 

2014 Phoenix Fearcon

2014 Phoenix Fearcon 

Book Signing at the 2014 Phoenix Fearcon

My Husband and I with Spring Garrett at the 2014 Phoenix Fearcon.

Pat & Lynn Mullican

Dinner with CCW, Custom Coffin Works

Attending one of the Famous CCW Parties

Pat Mullican, my husband, business partner & support

The photos I've included below are my husband goofing off with some of the theatrical fangs that we ordered. And, looks like we got the ones we need. He said they fit perfect and he had no problems with them. Enjoy the pics!