Thursday, February 16, 2017

FREE - The Ghostly Writes Valentine's Anthology 2017

From the minds of writers from around the globe, Plaisted Publishing presents a collection of ghost stories that will chill you, haunt your heart, and steal your soul from eternal devotion to undying love. International authors include: C.A. Keith, Audrina Lane, Karen J. Mossman, Adele Marie Park, Jane Risdon, Jennifer Deese, Lynn Mullican, and a poem from Kyrena Lynch
This eBook will be FREE Worldwide.

Raven’s Hill, known for its history of murder, mystery and mayhem, has gained yet another owner, Serena Goodwin. Upon learning that she bought a haunted house and a private cemetery, she becomes interested in learning more about the unique occupants of the house, Asmodeus and Gisela. Serena soon makes a terrifying discovery and learns of their mysterious and dangerous love affair, a love that could endanger Serena’s life.

Remember, The Ghostly Writes Valentine's Anthology 2017 is FREE, so make sure to pick up your copy. The print will be available soon. I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day!

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