Thursday, April 30, 2015

Social Media Campaign - Ends Today

I have 122 supporters, a social reach of 808,591 and I have a few hours to go. My campaign ends today. Wonder if I could top a million on the social reach? Hmm, might be kind of tight but I'll give it a go. Will you support me? This is strictly SOCIAL MEDIA support. NO FUNDS are involved. If you could support mine, I would appreciate it. Please let me know if you have a Thunderclap, and I will return the favor. Thank you in advance.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Bad Elements Series, Blood for Blood E-Book Pre-Release Book Tour

This week, April 14th, Blood for Blood, the second in the Bad Elements Series​ will be released FOR ONLY 99 CENTS! YOU can order the pre-release and also be entered in to MORE GIVEAWAYS!

Friday, April 10, 2015

Bad Elements Series, Blood for Blood - Pre-Order Available! Only 99 CENTS!

“Have you ever read a book with vampires in it? Sure you have. What about werewolves? It’s possible. Werewolves and vampires? Hmm…sounds a little familiar? What about a werewolf and a vampire who both like the same woman? Uh oh. We’ve seen this play out before. And it gave some of us an upset stomach.

But wait. Have we seen werewolves, vampires, the girl and Fight Club? Fight Club? Yeah, that’s what I said. In the second book of the Bad Elements series, Blood for Blood, we get all of this. Unlike that other book which focused on the love affair between a teen-aged werewolf, a vampire and a young lady, Blood for Blood focuses more on, well, family. Yes, family. And fighting.

In Blood for Blood, Crystal is reunited with her son and daughter and her son’s family, only to be stalked by what amounts to a promoter—granted, a very angry promoter. As their house in the country is surrounded, danger lurks everywhere. What are they going to do and how are they going to protect themselves? And why is Crystal being stalked? I did say there was a Fight Club element to this story, right? There is. Crystal just happens to be one of the best fighters in an underground fighting circuit. Everyone wants to fight her. And certain people want to control her.

For those who like romance and sex, there is a bit of that in here as well. Truth is, this story has a bit of everything. Monsters? Check. Action? Check. Sex? Check. Family ties? Yup. I said this story was based a lot on family, and it is. Throughout the book we see the characters’ concerns over family members. We see Crystal struggle at times, especially where the safety of her family is concerned. We see her son and daughter struggle with their emotions at being reunited with their mother. This is where this story is the most human, in the struggle to protect their family.

A very good thing about Blood for Blood is that you don’t have to read book one to be able to follow it. You can pick it up and jump right into the story. There are a lot of things I could talk about here, but to do so would give away parts of the story.

If you like your action and fighting you’ll probably like Blood for Blood. If you like the romantic, sexual side of things, you’ll probably like Blood for Blood as well. To sum it up, Blood for Blood is a bit Buffy, a bit MMA, a bit that other book, and quite a bit entertaining.”—A.J. Brown, Author of Cory’s Way Pre-Order of Bad Elements Series​, Blood for Blood - Pre-Order Bad Elements Series, Blood for Blood

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