Saturday, January 25, 2014

In the Works

Though it seems like it is taking forever to get the Bad Elements series written, re-edited, and re-designed, I would like to let you know that there is much going on behind the scenes. I have several ideas and projects in the works, including a spinoff of the Bad Elements series. That is at a much later time though.

In the meantime, I'd like to catch you up on everything that is forthcoming. Here is the work in progress:


Bad Elements series -  (Horror, Urban Fantasy, Action, Paranomal, Erotica, Female POV, Mature Content)
Crystal Dragon (first) - Published but going through another edit, secondary edit is at 55% (Expected release date in 2014)
Blood for Blood (second) - Currently with my Editor (Expected release date 2014)
The Hybrid (third) - Currently with my Editor
Rise of the Underground - (forth) - Outlined
Pre-quel untitled - Planning

Bad Elements spinoff - (series name untitled) Young Adult Fiction
Book One Untitled - Outline Stages

Two book series - (Religious Horror, Thriller, Mature Content)
The Shadow of Evil - Currently writing
The Shadow of Death - Outline stages

The Owning - Outline Stages (Psychological Thriller, Erotica, Mature Content, Strong Violence)

And, the Dead Walk - Outline Stages - Zombie style!! (Horror, Thriller, Mature Content, Action, Strong Gore and Violence)


Book Untitled - Zombie style!! (Horror, Thriller, Erotica, Mature Content) - outline stage

Book Untitled - Alien style!! (Horror, Thriller) - Outline stage

Two Part series
Sacrificial Blood - Published - Book One - Short Story (Horror, Thriller)
Book two untitled - novella (Horror, Thriller, Strong Violence, Mature Content) - outline stage

Book Untitled - (Horror, Thriller, Mature Content) - outline stage

Book Untitled - Alien style!! (Science Fiction, Horror, Thriller, Action, Mature Content) - planning stage

Book Untitled - Monster style!! (Horror) - planning stage

Book Untitled (Psychological Thriller, Mature Content, Erotica) - planning stage

These are just a few of the books I have developed a storyline for and have begun, whether it's planning, or outlined stages. The books may not be written in the order they are written on this list. Currently, my top priorities are the Bad Elements series and The Shadow of Evil.

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